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PLEASE DO NOT BE the amount of information on this website! We hope that the following pages answer most of questions we have received over the years from both new flight students and experienced pilots.

If YOU are one of those competent and highly-motivated people interested in flying in a commercial career, for business, or just for FUN, call us!

We are available to answer ANY questions you have. If we do not have the information you need, we will help you find it! Please contact us by telephone or WhatsAp at US cell (001) 720 641 6742. Si se encuentra en México y desea capacitarse para obtener un Certificado o Calificación de Piloto de la FAA de EE. UU., ¡No dude en contactarnos!

Our email is

telephone, (720) 641-6742. Also please visit our Facebook Page: Alas de San Miguel Flight Training for some interesting videos, pictures and more!

We look forward to flying with you!


Russell K. Henson,

Chief Flight Instructor, Manager

Airline Transport Pilot

US FAA Certificated Instrument Instructor (CFII), Airplanes and Helicopters

Registered Professional Civil Engineer

Co-founder, Jovenes Aguilas de Mexico

At Alas de San Miguel we welcome students and pilots of ALL ages: our students have ranged from 16 to 76 years! Whether your goals are to fly as a commercial or airline pilot, for business, or purely for pleasure, as a ”Part 61 school”, we can tailor a program to YOUR schedule and the way YOU learn! For whatever YOUR reason to fly, our professional flight training program emphasizes SAFETY from before you start the motor(s) until you are tied down at the end of each flight. 

You will enjoy the flexibility of training for United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificates and ratings: there is NO classroom requirement; once received, your pilot certificate NEVER expires; and if you are flying your own US-registered aircraft, YOU can legally perform some preventative maintenance tasks yourself. There are NO fees payable to the FAA before, during, or after your training. We provide ground instruction as needed in preparation for the written (Knowledge) test, but you are totally free to study at YOUR leisure, using whatever materials (videos, manuals, internet-based programs) you wish.

Please call us with any questions!
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