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Other Services for Rated Pilots

In addition to offering ground and flight training for US FAA pilot certificates,

Alas de San Miguel provides the following services:

Flight Reviews required every two years under 14 CFR 61.56, (Ref: AC-61-98B)

Instrument Proficiency Checks required under 14 CFR Part 61.57 (d), (Ref. AC-98B)

Mountain Flying Ground and Flight Instruction

Cross Border Operations/Aviation English ground school courses

Ferry services for your aircraft within the US or to and from Mexico and Canada​

Group training and ground school in the southwestern US

Assistance in the co-validation of Mexican AFAC (formerly DGAC) pilot certificates for US FAA certificates

Guidance to foreign pilots on operations and resources related to flying in Mexico (see our free guide here)

Assistance in acquisition, registration, and maintenance of US-registered aircraft

High quality, low level Aerial Photography

Fingerprinting services to fulfill Alien Flight Student Program requirements

We are here to help. Please call us with any questions!!!

Fighter Boots.jpg

In participation with Cock-of-the-Walk Designs in San Miguel de Allende, we offer custom-designed, hand-made, leather Aviator Boots, iPad holders and binders. Visit  for more information!


We are happy to hear from our students and to follow them in their aviation careers and experiences. Please stay in contact! Here are comments from some of our past (and current!) students:


“Rusty is a fun and encouraging instructor who helped me fly from the US to Mexico - paperwork and all - and is teaching me what my plane will really do!”  and “Excellent flight and mountain flying instructor. Also has extensive knowledge of flying in Mexico, and can help you move with your plane. Definitely recommend for all your flight instruction needs.”

Claudia H., SMA, US FAA Private Pilot, Airplane/Instrument Rating, and husband Carlos R., US FAA Private Pilot, both Mountain Flying Students


“Definitely the most interesting instructor I ever had, made it fun and a lot easier, always there for me….”

Christian D., Businessman, Leon, GT0, Private Pilot Student, now US FAA Private Pilot, Airplane


“Two phrases I will always remember from a great instructor!: “Always challenge yourself “ and, “You don’t get extra points for being in a hurry”

Santiago C., Artist, Private and Instrument Student,  US FAA Private Pilot, Airplane/Instrument Rating


"I have done multiple flight revues and IPCs with Rusty. Each one was handled professionally and taught me things about how to be a better aviator. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to get or keep an FAA license in Mexico."

Richard W., Computer Scientist/Consultant, US FAA Private Pilot, Airplane/Instrument Rating


“Great guy, great instructor whose single-engine and multi-engine flying experience encompasses the whole U.S. coast to coast, Mexico and the wilds of Alaska!”

Capt. Earl E. Rogers, US FAA ATP/CFII, Airline Captain B-757 (retired, 20,000 hours), Author: Captain I, II

“Rusty allowed me get to the limits of my flying abilities, while keeping everything safely under control. This helped me ingrain the skills and be able to apply them even years afterwards.”

Ondrej K., Czech Republic, Systems Engineer/College Professor, US FAA Private Pilot/Instrument Rating

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