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Thank you for your interest in Alas de San Miguel (Wings of Saint Michael)!

Whether you are totally new to the cockpit or an experienced pilot with thousands of hours, Alas de San Miguel is your best choice for flight training in the southwest US. We have flown the Rocky Mountains from Alaska to the Sierra Gordas in Old Mexico for over 40 years and have had the pleasure of meeting many aspiring and enthusiastic students and pilots such as yourself: young and old! We are happy to offer professional level aviation training from our base in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Preliminary Matters

Most of our students want to get into the air as soon as possible! Tomorrow! The good news is that when preparing for a US FAA pilot certificate there are almost no bureaucratic obstacles to your goals:

You do NOT need a Student Pilot Certificate to begin your training;


Requirements for a US FAA Pilot Certificate

Just “learning to fly” is different than a dedicated commitment to working towards an actual pilot certificate or rating. If you have ridden a bicycle or driven a car in your life you already understand MOST of the principles of physics involved and you already have the required basic motor skills and coordination required to maneuver an aircraft.

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Your Training

Basic to our training program is an understanding that our students are self-motivated, will set goals for completion of each phase of training, and will devote a certain number of hours each week in preparation for the Knowledge (written) Test and the next flight training session.

Please call us with any questions!
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